Certified Radon Mitigation

You wouldn’t hire a roofer to fix your foundation, why would you hire a non-certified general contractor or a plumber to fix the radon problem in your house?  Contrary to popular belief in the building industry, radon mitigation is not just gluing pipes together.  House Detectives, Inc. pledges to be on the leading edge of radon mitigation theory and application.   This knowledge and techniques allow us to design and install the most efficient and best performing radon reduction systems for our clients.  And with our guarantee, you won’t be sorry you hired us.  Continuing education and certification in radon mitigation is good for our clients, our business, and our environment.

Radon Mitigation theory is relatively simple.  Depressurize beneath the building and vent the soil gas above the roof.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  In many instances it is, but in others it is not.    Geology and construction of the building dictate the radon mitigation system design and performance.  In certain instances, two separate systems may be required to achieve average radon levels less than the Compliance Level of 4.0 pCi/L.  Or other surprises may arise that require more knowledge, and experience mitigating radon in buildings than your general contractor or plumber has.  When they can’t fix it, they call us!  The sad thing is the client has likely already paid the uncertified contractor to install a system that doesn’t work.  It is crucial that you choose a certified mitigation company that follows the EPA Radon Mitigation Standard.  These standards provide the client with the most effective and economical system design possible.  Click on www.epa.gov/radon and search for “Consumers Guide to Radon Reduction” and “Radon Resistant New Construction” to find out about more radon mitigation in existing and new buildings, as well as what questions to ask a Radon Mitigation Contractor before you hire them.

For more information on Radon Mitigation Standards click here.

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