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Everyone agrees that buying a home can be emotionally stressful, sometimes confusing, and nearly always the largest purchase you will ever make.

The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the purchase price of the home, yet it is arguably the best money spent during the home buying process. As a buyer, you need to make the most informed, and intelligent decision you can from the available facts. As a seller, you want to know what issues you may have to contend with before a potential sale. A homeowner may simply want to inspect for preventative maintenance to ensure years of enjoyable living.

Our job as professional home inspectors is to give our clients access to information that simplifies making these buying, selling, or maintenance decisions. After the inspection is complete and the report has been delivered, we will go through our findings in a non-threatening manner, without understating or overstating the facts.

We take pride in providing this service to our clients, and we love happy customers!

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